About Us

Brush Wolf Clothing was born out of the desire to inspire people from different walks of life to come together. Through our platform, we aim to send a message to people, helping them understand the value of life. The whole idea behind Brush Wolf Clothing is to make our audience realize how sharing moments with each other makes them all the more special.


Everyone deserves to have someone who they can share memories with, laugh on silly things, and lean on in times of distress. We truly believe life is betterĀ together, and we encourage you to step off the pavement, get you out of your comfort zone, and find that special place that no matter how many times you see it, it still gives you butterflies!


We at Brush Wolf Clothing are actively trying to bring people together. With all the boundaries and classifications dividing our world, people seem to have forgotten the amazing things we can achieve when we unite. Brush wolf wishes to re-spark that flame and let people realize life is better when you get out and enjoy the moment no matter who you are with!


We dream not of becoming giants in the industry, but instead of fostering a happier world forĀ us to live in. When someone looks at one of our shirts, we want the first thought that comes to their minds to be inspired. To be different, just enjoy the moment whoever you are with, and if you are with no one find someone to have a great time with, it is about unity, and I want people to be reminded of that when they see my products.